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About Us

Brannan Law, LLC is a law firm that represents investors in securities arbitration and litigation matters. Samuel T. Brannan, the principal of the Firm, has practiced law for over 30 years, virtually all of it in this particular practice area. Our primary purpose is to help our investor clients maximize the recovery of investment losses caused by broker/advisor fraud or other misconduct. We take great pride in doing this work and strive to offer wise counsel as well as zealous advocacy. We are located in Atlanta, Georgia; however, we are able to serve clients nationwide, either directly or through association with another experienced attorney.

We aim to serve our clients as both advocate and counselor. Our role as an advocate is to present our clients’ case as effectively as possible. Our role as a counselor is to educate our clients about certain matters, including the pros and cons of their case. Every case has strengths and weaknesses, and that is true for both parties. With even the best preparation, there are still uncertainties as well as potential benefits associated with trials.

We will always advise and act in our clients’ best interest. For example, at some point before the trial, counsel for the parties will usually discuss the possibility of settlement and, if the client approves, settlement negotiations may ensue. If that happens, there will come a time when we believe the highest and best settlement offer is on the table, and a decision will need to be made on whether to accept the offer or reject it and go to trial. While the decision of whether or not to accept a settlement offer will always be the client’s to make, we will offer our assessment and advice on how to proceed with the client’s best interest in mind.